Keltec RFB in teenage hands

Sarah 15, under 100 pounds and left-handed. Forward ejecting RFB works fine for her even though it tips the scales at 14.2lb fully scoped, BUISed, suppressed and loaded. The balance is far enough back for comfortable hold.

I used this plastic “bottle” from Target Factory to verify 100 yard zero of the 1-4x scope on the RFB. It moves vigorously when hit.

She also does an excellent job with much lighter and even quieter guns.

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13 Responses to Keltec RFB in teenage hands

  1. Tim Allen says:

    How about a video of her shooting the RFB?

  2. Lyle says:

    I like the glasses and the reflection therein.
    I hope she’s a better shot than Sarah Conner in T2.
    14.2 pounds? Holy moly.

  3. Sean says:

    The incongruity of using a suppressed weapon to detonate an explosive makes me chuckle.

  4. Y. says:

    100 lbs?

    I wonder why Americans are so tiny. The average height is 2 inches less than in central Europe.

    It’s a little strange that there’s this degree of sexual dimorphism in humans, as monogamous species usually exhibit very little. Then, perhaps because monogamy is a recent invention. Based on DNA studies, only 40 % of human males who ever lived left behind offspring.

    Perhaps wish we could bring that back. Not letting the dimmer half reproduce would make the average IQ climb up without having to mess around with DNA..

    • BillCa says:

      Keep in mind she’s only 15 years old. And using the .22 rifle as comparison in the video, she’s probably not much taller than about 5’1″ (155 cm).

      • Y. says:

        Yeah, but why is she just 5’1?

        addendum: the 40% figure goes for pre-civilized times.

        • Seth says:

          Average height is just that, an average not a guarentee. If everyone was physically the same that would just make things more boring.

    • Akatsukami says:

      “I wonder why Americans are so tiny. The average height is 2 inches less than in central Europe.

      This doesn’t seem to be true, based on data I have seen. Perhaps you can provide sources for this?

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