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“What’s she doing with my hair?”

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Pole arms and hoplophobes

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“Hey, I carry one just like it!”

So, when I pick a pistol and the model recognizes it as the kind she carries back home, that makes for a more productive photo shoot. The laser trace would look like this once the first shot is fired and the … Continue reading

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The past is a different country.

In reading books written a long time ago, I find many details showing how attitudes evolved since. For example, in the 1917 book “Over the Top” written by Arthur Guy Empey, an American volunteer with the British army, is this … Continue reading

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Why have a light rifle?

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A friend is having a sad day today

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Three pounder in a field position

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My favorite photo of the day

Alexis Nicole stopped by for a photo shoot today. Gremlin took an immediate liking to her. I can see why — she’s a very impressive and multi-talented young lady.

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Sometimes shorter IS better: a very handy CQB package

It is light and handy, especially with the short 20 round Lancer magazine. Having a stock makes using a scope practical. Given the short range purpose, the best scope would be an unmagnified, illuminated prismatic usable with either etched black … Continue reading

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Walther CCP vs PPS: new on AllOutdoor

Two very dissimilar Walther pistols for concealed carry.

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FN PS90 vs. Kel-Tec CMR30

PDW vs. magnum rimfire

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Keeping track of ammunition in a multi-caliber environment: new on AllOutdoor

Two possible solutions.

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Film review: Intimate Enemies

Intimate Enemies, 2007 French film about the war in Algiers. Available on Netflix. Plot 8 Acting 8 Visuals 9 Props – 9 Audio effects – 10 Overall — recommended. As war movies go, this one is fairly nuanced. The terrain … Continue reading

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What does this tell you?

TN bans carry in government offices, and the Army bans carry on their bases and offices. Since we know that the signs do not stop determined assassins, we can only guess that the rule-makers are more worried about their own … Continue reading

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Sam Hoster does good work.

What kind of gun would a man make for his daughter?

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Russian legislative logic at its finest

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A very functional lightweight

At the beginning, AR15 was supposed to be a lightweight carbine. MAG Tactical brought the concept back with AIR15, a carbine that’s under 4.5 pounds with the sight. While it ships with two Magpul 30-rounder, I handed it to my guest … Continue reading

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CMMG and Faxon Piston AR Review: new on Shooting Illustrated

CMMG Mod4 SA and Faxon ARAK21 compared. Since SI placed only some of the photos supplied, I will add one of them below:

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Rear-curtain synch with radio controlled flash?

Does anyone know of a way to get rear-curtain synch of studio flash with Canon 5D2? I can trigger the lights with on-camera flash which has that option, but optical slaving is very unreliable outdoors. I’d prefer to use radio, … Continue reading

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