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7.7mm Arisaka in Nashville

Does anyone have such a rifle available for me to borrow for photos?

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Pole arms and hoplophobes

I wonder why the fans of Markley’s Law don’t annoy the Swiss guardsmen with their helberds or the Japanese history reenactors with spears and naginatas. Seems to me, the users of pole arms are far moreĀ appropriate targets for the accusations … Continue reading

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It fits anywhere.

The reason so many news accounts of self-defense mention pocket-sized pistols is their convenience. A .45 would be better than a .380 but the latter gets carried more, especially by people who don’t dress around the gun. A picket holster … Continue reading

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Where to Find the Movie “Oba the Last Samurai”?

I’d like to watch it but I do not see a streaming version available for purchase on-line. Any idea where I could find it? Buying a DVD and waiting for it to be shipped feels like too much trouble.

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Imitation katana

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