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CMR30 in use

(with Vortex Spitfire 3x prismatic scope) Looks like fun, doesn’t it?

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Like training wheels for pistols

As you can see from the photo, even a lightweight .22 with minimal kick is a handful for the new young marksman. A heavier pistol or in a stronger caliber would have interfered with learning the marksmanship basics more.   … Continue reading

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Another useful feature of bullpups

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Keltec production numbers

Looking at the ATF documents for 2013, I see Keltec production totaling 81,714 handguns. 22,875 of them were either PLR22 or PMR30 (more common). They also made 17,103 rifles of various models and 19,045 KSG shotguns. Not a huge number … Continue reading

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A Sub-five-pound AR-15, for When Weight Matters: new on AllOutdoor

Sometimes a couple of pounds make all the difference

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Unprovoked French aggression of 1812?

Living in the USSR, I was brought up to view the Great Patriotic War of 1812 as a clear-cut case of French perfidy. Evil Imperial French and their dozen allies invaded Russia…ok, invaded the part of Poland previously occupied by … Continue reading

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Shotgun for the wife

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Reasons to like Keltec CMR30

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Have you shared your knowledge lately?

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No substitute for intelligence?

In reading various research about the role of intelligence for setting and achieving life goals, I see numerous arguments for its preeminence. At first, it seems that no substitutes exist, but I see one quality which appears to compensate at … Continue reading

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Understanding statistics

I need a recommendation on a good introduction to the math side of statistical analysis. I got as far as pre-calculus in math and only remember some of it for daily use…yet would like to get at least a general … Continue reading

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Primary Arms 4-14x FFP scope

Today, I got this message: “Got a 5-pointer. You have some smoked backstrap coming soon. I really like the Primary arms scope. My eyes aren’t what they used to be. Cataracts and astigmatism makes it hard to distinguish spike bucks … Continue reading

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CCW Breakaways carry solution: new on Alloutdoor

Is that a gun in your pants? Why, yes!

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Short M1911s

One of my models is on a quest for a short M1911 (with 3-inch barrel), currently considering a Kimber. Which companies make short, reliable 1911s in 45ACP?

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Why should dirty politicians be the only people with guardian angels?

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Count on a lifetime of luck?

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LaserLyte and AR Training: new on CTD

For improving marksmanship and point shooting skills.

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Additional photo retouchers needed

I work with three regular retouchers. For family reasons, two of them are temporarily unavailable just as my volume of work increased. So I am looking for additional helpers. Here’s an example of the work recently done. Pay varies depending … Continue reading

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Range time with Tavor

Yesterday’s range trip with Natasha and Jing was a lot of fun. Decent weather for the season, about 50*F and windless, made the shoot more comfortable than expected. We ran quite a bit of ammunition ranging including 5.45×39, 5.56×45, 6.5Grendel, … Continue reading

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US immigration policy madness

My family came to the US as refugees and had a very easy time of going through the naturalization process. We may have been a happy exception. I have a friend, an internationally known writer, who submitted his green card … Continue reading

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