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CMR30 in use

And between uses (with Vortex Spitfire 3x prismatic scope) Looks like fun, doesn’t it?

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Like training wheels for pistols

Handguns designed to powerful AND lightweight tend to be less fun to shoot. At the same time, they are generally compact enough for teaching kids and other new shooters. So combining lightweight frames like Keltec PF9 or Ruger LC9 or … Continue reading

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Another useful feature of bullpups

The forend comes very close to the muzzle. Besides making stable firing hold easier, it also prevents partial occlusion of the weapon light by the barrel.

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Keltec production numbers

Looking at the ATF documents for 2013, I see Keltec production totaling 81,714 handguns. 22,875 of them were either PLR22 or PMR30 (more common). They also made 17,103 rifles of various models and 19,045 KSG shotguns. Not a huge number … Continue reading

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A Sub-five-pound AR-15, for When Weight Matters: new on AllOutdoor

Sometimes a couple of pounds make all the difference

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Unprovoked French aggression of 1812?

Living in the USSR, I was brought up to view the Great Patriotic War of 1812 as a clear-cut case of French perfidy. Evil Imperial French and their dozen allies invaded Russia…ok, invaded the part of Poland previously occupied by … Continue reading

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Shotgun for the wife

Our brilliant vice president argued thatĀ a double-barrel shotgun is the best home defense weapon for a woman. While 19th century technology is not the worst possible choice, much better options exist. Biden’s advice on its use — “go out on … Continue reading

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Reasons to like Keltec CMR30

In my experience, it’s been reliable, accurate and fun to use. The optic shown is 3x Vortex Spitefire, quite reasonable with this cartridge for ranges up to 250 yards. 22mag ammo ranges in bullet weight from 30 to 50 grains. … Continue reading

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Have you shared your knowledge lately?

Modern armies have 30 or so support staff for every fighter at the tip of the spear. The ratio of support to active fighters in the war to secure individual liberty is even more skewed. For every Alan Gura, thousands … Continue reading

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No substitute for intelligence?

In reading various research about the role of intelligence for setting and achieving life goals, I see numerous arguments for its preeminence. At first, it seems that no substitutes exist, but I see one quality which appears to compensate at … Continue reading

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Understanding statistics

I need a recommendation on a good introduction to the math side of statistical analysis. I got as far as pre-calculus in math and only remember some of it for daily use…yet would like to get at least a general … Continue reading

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Primary Arms 4-14x FFP scope

A long time ago, I acquired a Primary Arms 4-14x scope with a front focal plane reticle. Recently, a friend in his 70s needed better glass for his .270 TC Venture deer rifle, so it moved onto his gun locker. … Continue reading

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CCW Breakaways carry solution: new on Alloutdoor

Is that a gun in your pants? Why, yes!

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Short M1911s

One of my models is on a quest for a short M1911 (with 3-inch barrel), currently considering a Kimber. Which companiesĀ make short, reliable 1911s in 45ACP?

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Why should dirty politicians be the only people with guardian angels? It helps if the weapon can be controlled with one hand. It also helps if it has greater range, power and accuracy that a typical handgun.

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Count on a lifetime of luck?

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LaserLyte and AR Training: new on CTD

For improving marksmanship and point shooting skills.

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Additional photo retouchers needed

I work with three regular retouchers. For family reasons, two of them are temporarily unavailable just as my volume of work increased. So I am looking for additional helpers. Here’s an example of the work recently done. Pay varies depending … Continue reading

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Range time with Tavor

Yesterday’s range trip with Natasha and Jing was a lot of fun. Decent weather for the season, about 50*F and windless, made the shoot more comfortable than expected. We ran quite a bit of ammunition ranging including 5.45×39, 5.56×45, 6.5Grendel, … Continue reading

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US immigration policy madness

My family came to the US as refugees and had a very easy time of going through the naturalization process. We may have been a happy exception. I have a friend, an internationally known writer, who submitted his green card … Continue reading

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