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Improving Sub200mk2 further

The muzzle of mk2 is threaded, but 9mm doesn’t really need a flash hider. So I added a linear compensator aka noise re-direction device. Works very well: the report becomes a lot less noticeable, especially with subsonic ammunition which doesn’t … Continue reading

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Another useful feature of bullpups

The forend comes very close to the muzzle. Besides making stable firing hold easier, it also prevents partial occlusion of the weapon light by the barrel.

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Know your weapon’s trajectory: new on AllOutdoor

Use the reticle for range compensation and more accurate shooting. I think this is one of my most informative articles.

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A Rifleman Mirrored

RRA Leftie

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Fun foto for FAL fans

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Keltec SU16D: a weapon for tight spots

SU16D has either a 9″ or a 12″ barrel (shown). With a sort stock, a 60-round magazine and a red dot sight, it’s quite a rapid room-cleaner. Loud, too.

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New quad rail for Keltec Sub2000

The original quad rail for Sub2000 had a bit of flex in it. While sights installed on it seemed to keep zero, it didn’t inspire confidence. Keltec updated the rail and the new version is rock-solid. I tried a 45* … Continue reading

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