Improving Sub200mk2 further

The muzzle of mk2 is threaded, but 9mm doesn’t really need a flash hider. So I added a linear compensator aka noise re-direction device.

Works very well: the report becomes a lot less noticeable, especially with subsonic ammunition which doesn’t produce a secondary shockwave.

Accuracy observation: 100-147gr ammunition works well. 75gr or 158gr don’t, and neither do 50gr hypervelocity arounds. Lighter bullets show the best velocity gain, which means 100-110gr are probably optimal for the combination of accuracy, terminal effect and lighter felt recoil.


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14 Responses to Improving Sub200mk2 further

  1. Serža says:

    this linear compensator is exactly the right upgrade, which is needed for CZ Scorpion EVO3 – there is (by default) some useless “cage” and no upgrades are available 🙁

  2. Serža says:

    oh, finally, I see that there is also variant for EVO3 available! Great! Oleg, thank you for info – I’m ordering 🙂

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  4. JoeS says:

    I’ve always found the overall flimsy feel and cheap appearing front sight of the KT SU2K offsetting. Still its beginning to appeal to me as a HDW or recreational carbine.

  5. AnOregonian says:

    Did they change how the muzzle was threaded? I thought that using the threads required the front sight to be removed.

  6. wry762 says:

    That EOTech sight is way out there – most used seem to mount them closer to the rear of
    the rail. What is the reasoning behind mounting the optic towards the muzzle?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Originally, it was set forward so that it wouldn’t block the left eye’s view of close targets. As you will see in the photos coming up tomorrow, I have since re-mounted it as far back as it will go, mainly to balance out a light/laser unit cantilevered car forward to avoid occlusion of the light by the muzzle.

  7. serger says:

    Are the muzzle threads 1/2″x 28? If so then the can I have for my Glock would mesh nicely.

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