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TAC range in Knoxville is under new ownership

The range time is reasonably priced, the facility is clean and well-ventilated, and they offer courses for improving proficiency. This time of year (and during the hottest summer), I’d rather shoot indoors. And they rent submachine guns (Uzi, Sterling, Sten, … Continue reading

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New articles up on AllOutdoor

Push Knives Comparative Performance of Three Rifle-Caliber Pistols: Part 1: Kel-Tec PLR16 Part 2: Spike’s Tactical ST15-LE Part 3: Century Arms M92

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Maturity isn’t just a function of age.

Sydney is a competitive shooter. I’d rather have her around than many chronologically adult people who haven’t a fraction of her maturity, education and ability. Of course, there are times when she acts like the 14 year old that she … Continue reading

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Concealment holster for HK VP9

Avenger model from Nelson Holsters, quite comfortable.

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A question for friends who borrow guns from me.

I am not seeing my bullpup Remington 870 or the Kel-tec sub2000 with quad rail on it. It’s very possible that I am overlooking them right in front of my face, but it’s also possible that I lend them out … Continue reading

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Higher capacity magazines for M&P15-22: new on AllOutdoor

Spend more of your range time shooting, less loading magazines.

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New ammo and gun accessory search engine

Iron Sights is run by my friends from another, unrelated site. They web-crawl retail sites and organize the best deals for you.

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Selecting a black powder revolver

I got the black powder bug last year. Wanted top play around with cap and ball, but the loaners available to me were not quite what I wanted. For one, I didn’t want to ruin someone else’s gun by accident if … Continue reading

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A theory about bad laws

There’s a perception among the Democrats, that gun laws affect Republicans most. In a 50/50 state, passing anti-gun laws harasses enough Republicans into leaving to guarantee future electoral majority for the left. There’s also a perception among Republicans that most … Continue reading

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Unexpected terminal ballistics

A year and a half ago, I reviewed Rossi revolving 45LC carbine (also capable of chambering 410 shotshells). I wan’t all that impressed with the accuracy, the handling or the terminal ballistics. Yesterday, one of my models brought her Circuit … Continue reading

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Good government is like a strong immune system.

It protects the body from external aggression. What most countries actually have is a raging case of auto-immune disorder, with the putative protector preying on the members of its own body.

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Firearm designer position open in NH

My readers may find this help wanted listing useful.

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A mix of classic and new

Last year, I was curious what happened to KD Holsters and discovered that the brand was no longer. But some of their designs live on through Nelson Holsters. James Ervin Nelson took the most popular designs from several old brands, … Continue reading

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Ruger PC9 carbine: new on AllOutdoor

Police Carbine that works for everyone. Written by my friend Frank Stratton, illustrated with my photos.

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Vintage “Terrorist Alert” posters

A friend is selling off a small number of vintage posters that he designed during the 1980s. These posters are inexpensive (three for $13 shipped!) and their message is pretty sensible. Take a look.

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Update on 22TCM

While I hope to try a 5″ pistol, a bolt action rifle and a semi-auto carbine in that caliber, I do not have them on hand yet. What I have is a 4″ 1911. I brought it to the range … Continue reading

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Bullpups Unlimited 870

If you have one of these shotguns, please email me privately.  

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G2 Ammunition Range Report: new on AllOutdoor

Clarifying the brand image of a controversial ammunition maker. 

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Movie review: St.Ives

A very approximate adaptation of Stevenson’s book, this movie is a modern romantic comedy in Napoleonic era trappings. What it lacks in authenticity, it makes up in the sheer amusement and cute acting. Acting: 10 Visuals: 8 Overall: recommended.

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A point worth re-visiting.

The only question worth asking about any gun control push is: “What’s their end goal?” The answer is usually a subjugation of a disarmed people along with imprisonment or extermination of defenseless dissidents. Sometimes disarmament is pushed along ethnic, religious … Continue reading

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