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There’s no cavalry to the rescue.

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Articles old and new

New review on American Hunter about Traditions single shot .357 carbine. Another new article on Shooting Illustrated about bullpup stock for the Hi-Point carbine. American Shooting Journal an older article available online: Aero Precision M5E1. Aero Precision M5E1     … Continue reading

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My article in Blue Press

My article about reloading pistol caliber cartridges is out in Dillon Blue Press October issue, on page 62. For best layout, download the file and view it in “facing pages” mode.

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Sarah is back.

Nikita was unavailable, she had to fill in. (The revolver is a Czechpoint .357, and the stylish hat is from Henschel.)

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New York Reload

“New York Reload” describes drawing a second gun in preference to reloading the first under fire. While tshirts describing the concept are available, the practice itself isn’t. NYC remains one of the most restrictive jurisdictions in regards to carry or … Continue reading

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Angel Kim

Girls like fine metalwork, it’s true. Engraved Smith&Wesson M27, I think.

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For the children? Think further out!

Henry .357 carbine. Revolver ammunition does well in longer barrels.

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Hast Holster

Saw a very nice holster and speedloader pouch set. Upon inquiry, I found it to be yet another Michael Hast design. The pictures don’t really do it justice. The leather is worthy of the gun it encases, S&W M27.  

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A mix of classic and new

Last year, I was curious what happened to KD Holsters and discovered that the brand was no longer. But some of their designs live on through Nelson Holsters. James Ervin Nelson took the most popular designs from several old brands, … Continue reading

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Recoil is relative.

Dan Coonan is very fond of saying that shooting his gun is an experience. It does have more muzzle flash and recoil and muzzle rise than a typical wonder-9. Actress Morrigan Sanders, age 16, doesn’t usually shoot Coonans. But not because … Continue reading

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The main reason for Coonan popularity

Coonan pistols in particular are very accurate, have good triggers and tame the .357 recoil well — especially when compensated. Absence of barrel to cylinder gap means no pressure loss, so muzzle velocity of 1400fps with 158gr and 1600fps with … Continue reading

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If you shoot 357Mag for effect, get a Coonan

Full-power 357Mag recoil in revolvers is usually quite substantial. I tend to shoot 38Spl in mine unless carrying them, which I do very seldom. The Coonan, on the other hand, gives some muzzle flip but very minimal felt recoil. Shooting … Continue reading

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Minimizing snubbie recoil.

This revolver came in for the upcoming Concealed Carry magazine article about the Rhino revolver family. It’s an interesting weapon that showed significantly better accuracy than expected of snubbies and rather mild felt recoil even with .357 ammunition. Being double … Continue reading

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Where flat-shooting pistols really shine

Coonan .357 and other flat shooting handguns really shine in the desert. They weigh less than rifles yet cover a decent range for defense. Towards the South of our country, that may be a serious consideration. A pistol in 10mm … Continue reading

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Some of us *are* compensating…

…for the muzzle flip from 1600fps of muzzle velocity!

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Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires and More Common Threats, Too

Just in time for the holiday shopping season: the Triple Threat Kit. Stakes for vampires, silver-plated bullets for werewolves…which also work on zombies the old-fashioned ballistic way. Ammunition is loaded pretty hot and works best in Coonan pistols and strong … Continue reading

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Good Things Come Out of Knoxville

3″ .357Mag revolver from Czechpoint in a custom Dragon Leather holster. Both companies are located in Knoxville, TN.

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Coonan Eye Candy


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Nice Leather for Good Iron

Sideguard holster for Coonan .357.

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Armed response

Chiappo Rhino .357 coming out of a Woolstenhulme gun purse. The flip-flops aren’t good for combat, but not everybody dresses around condition yellow.

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