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ARAQ47 from Slovakia

This is an AR10 receiver mated to a short stroke piston upper. It uses standard AK magazines. Not sure when it will become available in the US because of 1989 import restriction rules.

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Articles old and new

New review on American Hunter about Traditions single shot .357 carbine. Another new article on Shooting Illustrated about bullpup stock for the Hi-Point carbine. American Shooting Journal an older article available online: Aero Precision M5E1. Aero Precision M5E1     … Continue reading

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UTAS XTR12 shotgun

XTR12 is essentially an AR10 in 12ga. Currently, it takes 5 or 10 round box magazines, but 15/20/25 round drums are coming. This photo is an outtake from the upcoming Small Arms Review article detailing my experience with this gun.

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The most relaxing way to spend the election day morning

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A scope so clear…

…that you can see right into the afterlife of your foes! NEMO 300WinMag rifle, US OPtics 3-17x scope. A skilled shooter with a spotter could dominate a significant stretch of landscape with this combo.

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Outdoor fun in mid-December

  One reason to live in Tennessee: tshirt weather in the middle of December. The secret to this local warming is burning enough gunpowder! Beck Defense carbine in 7.62×35(300 Blackout). For more effective warming of the environment, .510 Beck — … Continue reading

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If .223 is for poodle-shooting…

…the .308 must be for hellhounds? Aero Precision 308 carbine¬†with Viridian V300 power zoom laser illuminator and Vortex 1-6x scope.

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Flashy ammo

PMC rifle ammunition¬†is pretty flashy to begin with. This picture shows shot three or four in a sequence of rapid fire. By then, the build-up of hot gas and unburned powder particles caused a brighter muzzle flame than before. The … Continue reading

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Crusader Weaponry .308 rifle

The opener shot for the upcoming article about this impressive rifle. The sight is Elcan Specter 1/4x. Battlecomp brake, Magpul stock and mag, Diamondhead sights.

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