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Modern and historic

Keltec CMR30 with Primary Arms 4x prismatic scope. Springfield 1903 rinfire trainer.

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Friends in arms

Modern Classic.

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One advantage of working with competent models

I don’t own any XD or XDM pistols. This model brought her own pistol to the photo shoot, which gave me an opportunity to include it as a prop. It’s also helpful that I don’t have to pay attention to … Continue reading

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A friend wants to become a gunsmith.

My friend Scott signed up for the Yavapai school of professional gunsmithing. The first challenge was the list of required materials for the first semester, which is beyond his current resources. Part of the list is the expected tools, the other is … Continue reading

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Laptop recommendation needed.

I am looking for a replacement laptop. Main requirements: Fast processor and enough RAM to run Photoshop Good, non-reflective screen 15″ or 15.6″ screen size to fit my carry-on bag Secondary requirements Relatively large hard drive Good battery life Windows … Continue reading

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Crash space in Indianapolis?

Amie would like to go to the writers’ events at Gencon, I would be tagging along. We looked at hotels and found nothing even close to the location this late in the season. Would anyone living reasonably close to Gencon … Continue reading

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Auctioning off a print for my friend Nicki

My Nicki friend has a problem: criminal squatters (one of which is a convicted child molester) and an equally criminal judge (whose actions fit the definition of theft under color of the law) who gave them temporary control of her … Continue reading

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When “Too Much Scope” Isn’t Too Much: new on AllOutdoor

Lucid 6-24x and other high-magnification scopes for varminting

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Utah friend needs legal/financial advice

A friend just got pre-approved for a home loan. The bank then reversed itself saying that they looked more closely and her credit wasn’t as good. So she dug deeper and found the following: DATC, a tech school which she … Continue reading

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Portraits of friends

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TUOR Backup Rifle Sights: new on AllOutdoor

Articulated backup iron sights.

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Pocket speedsters

Guardian in 32NAA caliber. Case-hardened special edition of the Mini Mag, in 22WMR. Hornady 45gr ammunition is designed specifically for short barrels, so it gets 1000fps from this gun vs. 850fps produced by 22LR, and with a heavier jacketed bullet … Continue reading

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The smallest and the largest caliber of the line-up

The largest caliber North American Arms offers: 380ACP. The smallest: 22 Short.

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Poor Jar Jar, I knew him well

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Film reviews

Our Mothers, Our Fathers (Generation War) — a German three-part movie about five friends living through 1939-1945. Acting – 9/10, including strong performances by secondary characters Visuals – 9/10, good sense of time and place Props and authenticity – 8/10, just … Continue reading

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Out-takes from a photo shoot

These were done around the main shoot for Cosplay Deviants.

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Skynet is my tech support.

Thanks to everyone who helped me, my computer got optimized quite a bit. Thanks to John Lewis, we now have a solution to the freezeups. He ran my PC in Linux, found that the mouse was repeatedly disconnecting. Same happened … Continue reading

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Shhh, don’t wake the baby!

I mentioned the .22 Uzi carbine a couple of years ago. This more recent photo is alluding to the early 1970s photo of a West Bank settler.

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ARAK-21in 7.62×39: new on AllOutdoor

A new 7.62×39 contender

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Two challenges remain.

I have two issues with which I could use help. The first is my computer — it still has interrupted mouse input, where every so often (sometimes every  few minutes, others every few seconds), the cursor freezes for as little as … Continue reading

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