Pocket speedsters

Guardian in 32NAA caliber.

Case-hardened special edition of the Mini Mag, in 22WMR. Hornady 45gr ammunition is designed specifically for short barrels, so it gets 1000fps from this gun vs. 850fps produced by 22LR, and with a heavier jacketed bullet (45gr instead of 40gr unjacketed lead).

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3 Responses to Pocket speedsters

  1. Paul Koning says:

    Firing high speed ammo out of a mini-revolver is not at all a pleasant experience. I’ve fed my 22LR model some high velocity LR ammo, and that little guns stings at least as much as my .357 magnum stubby.

  2. Rivrdog says:

    I have that Guardian in that caliber. I’ve always wondered what that round would be like coming out of a compact pistol with a 4″ barrel…I suspect it would resemble the 7.62×25. It IS stout enough out of the Guardian to knock down the 25-yard duck on a Silhouette course…

  3. revjen45 says:

    It seems like a Makarov in that caliber would be a good balance of power and size, with the accuracy of a bigger gun. The 9mm Mak might be necked down to .32 (or 7mm?) also.

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