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Final protective fire.

The term “final protective fire” means the highest priority is given to this request due to the danger of a position being overrun. For the guy in the trenches, that means firing as fast as possible to break up a … Continue reading

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Windows updated breaks screen smoothing of text and graphics.

I found plenty of notes on the problem but not a clear solution. Any suggestions how to deal with the fuzzy text and non-antialiased graphics that just cropped up this morning? Is there a simple way to roll back Windows … Continue reading

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Liberty Training Rifle

The long-awaited Marlin 795LTR is finally in production and will be available shortly. The concept of Liberty Training Rifle is best explained on the Appleseed site. The rifle comes with two magazines, a canvas sling and adjustable Tech Sights. I … Continue reading

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Batch-editing EXIF data

Any suggestions on how I can edit EXIF on multiple JPG files at once? Need to change Author field.

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Cold weather in Tennessee

Today’s high was only 5*C (41*F) – the day was cold, dreary and wet. I must not have moved far enough South for a sufficiently warm winter. At least we had warm clothes available.

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Getting a handle on the situation

Erin Palette’s tricked out Sub2000 as of November 2012. It had everything that a 9mm carbine needs to be useful except one thing. It lacked an extended charging handle. Sub2000 has a fairly stiff recoil spring. It’s location and the … Continue reading

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Various magazines for M&P15-22

The standard M&P 15-22 comes with very reliable 25rd magazines. They have only one down side, the open construction to facilitate loading. They are also out currently of stock with most vendors. Two alternatives both raise capacity and improve sealing. … Continue reading

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White hat

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Photographer Matt Vollman

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.22 conversion kit for Ruger LC9

Twisted Industries now makes an LC9 conversion kit. Same milled magazines as the PF9 and P11 kits.

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Colorful Keltecs

Tired of carrying a Tin Lizzie Black P32 or P3AT? You can get grip frames in other colors for both. P32 | P3AT You would need punches to effect the replacement. The grip frame comes with a replacement hammer, but … Continue reading

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A Webley story

Linoge put up an overview of a .38 Webley revolver which actually improved on the official Webley book in terms of useful info.

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Smith & Wesson M&P15-22

In response to my recent post about .22 conversion kits and upper, someone mentioned this carbine. It’s a dedicated .22 that cannot accept centerfire upper, but that also means it’s optimized for the rimfire cartridge. I don’t own one yet … Continue reading

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Ava and Flashbang

Kathy “Cornered Cat” Jackson introduced me to Looper holsters at SHOT show and I got several of them in the mail recently. In use photos will follow soon. Unisex Ava with Glock 23 Feminine bra-mounted Flashbang with Keltec PF9.

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Insulting the intelligence of women

Just how stupid does he think women are? And have you ever wondered why Joe is so concerned about the safety of rapists? False positive on forcible rape almost never happen, while getting raped (and often murdered in the bargain … Continue reading

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Knife and net

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After a hard day’s work

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For the upcoming article in Concealed Carry magazine about .22 adapters and rimfire clones of centerfire guns. This Iver Johnson set has .22 for practice, 9mm for competitions and 45ACP for carry.

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So proud of our students…we treat them as morons!

University of Colorado is in the news, but they are hardly exceptional in the typically dismissive and disrespectful treatment of students by colleges. Typical rules of student conduct presume a retarded minor child and not a young adult — or, … Continue reading

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Somebody doesn’t like my posters.

Fast-forward this video to about 10:50 mark to hear an anti complain about this image of Lori. They aren’t fond of Chelsie, either. The young woman in the photo was 16 at the time.

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