A Webley story

Linoge put up an overview of a .38 Webley revolver which actually improved on the official Webley book in terms of useful info.

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2 Responses to A Webley story

  1. Linoge says:

    In fairness, most of my information in the part before the pictures came from the List of Changes in British War Material – which is apparently a periodical put out by the H.M. Stationer’s Office – by way of Wikipedia… I should note that somewhere.

    The rest… God, I had to dig everywhere to find some of those proof marks.

  2. Bill Treanor says:

    Great write-up! I have 3 Webleys: a .455 in original condition and 2 .38/200s that were once used by the Singapore Police Force. The trick to getting them to shoot well and to POA is to use the original bullet types: a hollow-base 255 grain for the .455 and a 200 grain for the .38/200. They need to be sized properly to the bore diameter (which vary greatly from gun to gun). To accomplish all this, it helps to cast your own. But once you get it all together, they are a real ball to shoot!

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