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And just across the border…

A Californian living on the border with Arizona, Nevada or Oregon cannot legally buy a modern defensive rifle like an FAL or an AR15. His neighbors living just across the state lines in all the neighboring states can. Either Californians … Continue reading

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“Last chance to back down!”

Auto Ordnance Thompson with 20rd stick magazine, 50rd disk in the bag.

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The social importance of Personal Defense Weapons

Produced with the assistance of Czechpoint USA.

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Women and guns: new video

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In a dress of her own design

Fashion designer Leah D’Andrea.

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He likes to play with her hair

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She’s up to something

Thompson carbine, 20rd stick and 50rd drum magazines.

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Hey there, big boy!

Henry Big Boy in Erin’s hands.

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Oh, that pony!

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Very long sleeves

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Erin on horseback

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A red lily

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Another good blog: Looking in the Mirror

Looking in the Mirror, about present-day politics and the next-day fighting.

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For the pint-sized defender…

…a half-gallon hat and a Coonan Cadet. Pity this reduced scale pistol is discontinued for now, but it may come back in the future. It uses shorter magazines than the standard model but still holds the save seven rounds. The … Continue reading

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New production ammo in 7.62×25: new on CTD blog

Food for the Combloc surplus pistols.

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Remington 8

Amelia from Lux and Zett comic book. Contrary to the 1967 movie depiction, Bonnie and Clyde didn’t fall to .45 caliber submachine guns but to 30-06 BAR automatic rifle and .35 Remington 8 semi-auto rifles. When going into battle, experienced … Continue reading

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If you can’t afford a rifle…

…you may be about to get just the receiver and add parts to it as funds become available. AR building is traditional, but the same can be done with FAL. Here’s a receiver by Coonan Arms. Legally, this is the … Continue reading

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Handloading ammunition with other people’s hands

People handload ammo for two reasons, cost and performance. After loading a bunch of 38Spl and 45ACP, I gave up on that as the cost of my time was more than the savings. I don’t actually enjoy the process itself. … Continue reading

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Very old photos (nsfw)

These two were taken in 2005 with a 6MP Canon 10D. Looking at the RAW files, I see that working with 5D and 5D2 images spoiled me. Making these look good was rather tough.

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Honor Harrington’s predecessor?

Nice feature of Dieselpunk is the abundance of goggles for eye protection when shooting. Holster by Dragoleather, pistol from Czechpoint.

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