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Grand theft disguised as infrastructure building plotted by Davidson County, TN

My request is for every one of my readers, even if you are not in Nashville: please popularize this image where others from Tennessee might see it. Nashville political class is trying to steal a minimum of $9 BILLION for … Continue reading

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And just across the border…

A Californian living on the border with Arizona, Nevada or Oregon cannot legally buy a modern defensive rifle like an FAL or an AR15. His neighbors living just across the state lines in all the neighboring states can. Either Californians … Continue reading

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Sentimental value of a flag

Over the 22 years I lived in America, I have seen a drastic change in the attitude towards the stars and stripes. What was perceived by many as the American flag is now viewed as the Federal flag, evoking distinctly … Continue reading

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No innocents abroad?

Other than the United States, which other countries charge citizens returning from foreign travel with violations of domestic laws while abroad? I see more and more references to tourists being prosecuted upon return and of foreign nationals being charged with … Continue reading

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Home and private schooling looks better and better

“Common illits“, as Heinlein called them, want more of your money to continue un-educating kids.

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