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Pop can launcher: new on AllOutdoor

Pop can launcher for AR15 and other platforms.

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Fedora and a smile

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Restraining order enforcement

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Good friends

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A right and a responsibility.

my poster about self-defense.

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28th anniversary

My parents and I arrived to American May 23, 1989. Glad we moved! It’s been an interesting time so far.

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This image should show up as the thumbnail¬†on the puritan social media sites like Facebook. Click on the link to see my photo. I don’t feel like losing access to FB until a more useful general social network develops.

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Another custom rifle by Fighting Sheepdog

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Safety rules, now in Italian

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Maximum Pink

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Two new articles on AllOutdoor

Recommended Sight Upgrades for Kel-Tec SU16   A long gun trainer for the back yard.

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Safety rules aren’t rocket surgery

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The big and the small

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Umarex steps up to support Alexis

Enter Umarex Morph 3x, a very lightweight convertible BB gun (2.5lbs in rifle configuration) supplied to her for rehabilitation training. Intended for use at ranges up to 15-20 yards, it should be ideal for getting her back into shooting practice … Continue reading

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The multi-faceted AR15

DSG Arms mag pouch detail.

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White Bonnet

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On the importance of eye protection

Shooting without eye protection may be more authentic, but it’s a considerable risk. he same is true of shooting without hearing protection: blank shots aren’t very loud, but live rounds can damage hearing. Flesh-colored molded plugs won’t stand out, and … Continue reading

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