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The multi-faceted AR15

Advanced but still recognizably classic 5.56x45mm AR15 by KE Arms. DSG Arms mag pouch detail. The same shooter with the new model 5.7x28mm AR57 upper on a GWACS Armory polymer lower.

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AR57 review: new on American Shooting Journal

A 5.7 Alternative For Self-defense, Varmint Hunting  

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If you shoot 5.7x28mm ammunition

Take a look at RR Weapon Systems 5.7 loads, especially R37X (0.66″ mushrooms on the right). Loaded to full power (2680fps from 16″ AR57 barrel), accurate for the caliber (2MOA), and good terminal performer (penetrates 12″ of gel).

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FN PS90 vs. Kel-Tec CMR30

PDW vs. magnum rimfire

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New on CTD blog: AR57

At the range with AR57. The ammunition for this article was provided by Lucky Gunner.

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Non-frangible 5.7×28 Ammunition

Most 5.7×28 loads available in the US are loaded with varmint bullets designed for fragmentation. They work great on rabbit-sized rodents but lack penetration for defense against people. They can be effective under some circumstances, such as shooting fish in … Continue reading

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Models Who Carry Guns

One reason why my models seldom look stupid in gun photos is that they are trained. Some show up with their own sidearms, others get training and help with getting equipped in the course of working with me. The Galco … Continue reading

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Appleseed event at Manchaster, TN

Stopped by briefly to watch the instructional process. Took photos of other people at the range as well.

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Sufficiently large quantity has a quality of its own

Targets at the Bullpup Shoot were steel clangers. Easy for a .223 with a 4x optic, much harder for a 5.7×28 with a 6MOA CQB red dot. The gentleman with a PS90 had a hard time hitting the targets because … Continue reading

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21st century STEN?

Prop gun courtesy G4P, Micro T1 of Aimpoint.

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More about AR57

The location of the magazine limits the scope length, making prismatic design a natural choice. CTC laser is mounted as a backup sight because I view all rifles as possible defensive tools. The barrel is fairly thick and also fluted, … Continue reading

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Taking 5.7×28 further

Most 5.7×28 arms are short-range defensive designs. Planned bolt actions from Savage and others did not materialize, so this essentially small game/varmint load had no platform from which to realize its full potential. I originally scoffed at the AR57 upper … Continue reading

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FN5-7 vs. PMR30

Add your two cents’ worth on CTD blog.

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Who needs armor-piercing ammunition?

For starters, every innocent victim of the psychopath and/or terrorist in Aurora, Colorado. He wore armor. The same people could have used sound suppressors, both to avoid being blinded by their own muzzle flashes in the dark and to reduce … Continue reading

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None dare call this pretty.

FN57 pistol is second only to High Point and some WW2 Japanese designs in full-out industrial ugliness. However, it is accurate, holds a useful number of rounds and, once sound-suppressed, comfortable to fire. This one is a part of the … Continue reading

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