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If you shoot 5.7x28mm ammunition

Take a look at RR Weapon Systems 5.7 loads, especially R37X (0.66″ mushrooms on the right). Loaded to full power (2680fps from 16″ AR57 barrel), accurate for the caliber (2MOA), and good terminal performer (penetrates 12″ of gel).

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Handloading ammunition with other people’s hands

People handload ammo for two reasons, cost and performance. After loading a bunch of 38Spl and 45ACP, I gave up on that as the cost of my time was more than the savings. I don’t actually enjoy the process itself. … Continue reading

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A live rose might last a week

This one would last a lifetime. If you’d like Galina to make one for someone you love, drop her a line at yermolenkon@live.com.

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