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Unexpected terminal ballistics

We also tried Winchester PDX 225gr JHP load in Clear Ballistics gel. From 18.5″ barrel, velocity was just over 1000fps, and this was the terminal result. Much better! We also tried two 44Mag handloads for Henry Big Boy first mentioned a couple of … Continue reading

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Victimizing the survivors

Supposedly, some totalitarian regimes bill the families of executed criminals (or dissidents) for the bullets used by firing squads. Probably an urban legend, but our great leader and his friends in congress are trying to top it. All the proposed … Continue reading

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Handloading ammunition with other people’s hands

People handload ammo for two reasons, cost and performance. After loading a bunch of 38Spl and 45ACP, I gave up on that as the cost of my time was more than the savings. I don’t actually enjoy the process itself. … Continue reading

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