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Unexpected terminal ballistics

A year and a half ago, I reviewed Rossi revolving 45LC carbine (also capable of chambering 410 shotshells). I wan’t all that impressed with the accuracy, the handling or the terminal ballistics. Yesterday, one of my models brought her Circuit … Continue reading

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Girls just want to have fun.

Cimarron’s faithful (other than the caliber) copy of the original 1860 Henry rifle is an odd firearms. Loading it is rather unorthodox, the magazine follower is external and can interfere with the hold under the magazine. Lever movement makes holding … Continue reading

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40 grains worth of smoke signal

A five-foot tall woman with a 45Colt carbine can protect herself from most North American predators, whether two or four legged types. 300 grain bullet at 1600-1700fps is just above 50AE in energy and penetration. Should the ten round magazine … Continue reading

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