Girls just want to have fun.

Cimarron’s faithful (other than the caliber) copy of the original 1860 Henry rifle is an odd firearms. Loading it is rather unorthodox, the magazine follower is external and can interfere with the hold under the magazine. Lever movement makes holding by the receiver uncomfortable also. The sights are graduated to several hundred yards but the elevation required for long-range use makes a cheek weld almost impossible. It’s hardly a practical weapon…but it’s accurate, has minimal felt recoil with .45Colt and feels like the world’s biggest ballistic toy.

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  1. Yesoo says:

    Yep I was shooting with Cher and Mopar and Mopar was liodang up his Cap and Ball (I believe a Remington replica) and he was liodang using cornmeal as filler and crisco as ball-grease. Cher was cheerfully saying Baking Biscuits! Can’t blame them! Its cheap and it works the balls!

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