Two is one, one is none. Photo retouching help needed.

I work with two retouchers. Just so happens that both are on vacation at the same time, and I could use the help. If you are interested in working with me, please let me know.

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  1. John Pavoncello says:

    Oleg, let me know what you need. I could probably help you out

  2. David E says:

    I would have loved to come work with you on an intern basis…too far away, dang it.

  3. Stephanie Sutherland says:

    Hi Oleg!
    I would love to work with you! I’m a stay at home mom and have plenty of time on my hands, as well as a degree in Multimedia with extensive experience retouching photos.

  4. Lisa M says:

    I can help you with photo retouching. Email me please.

  5. Vince says:

    Depends on what you need – I’m fairly accomplished with Photoshop. If you need composite work (blending photo’s) probably can’t help.

  6. CL says:

    You’ve got my info if you ever need it. Being a new dad and all, I’m kind of caught up lately, but if Stephanie above or another professional can’t help out, drop me a note and I’ll do anything I can for you.

  7. Oleg Volk says:

    Thanks to everyone who offered to help. I got caught up on my projects and some of you will be seeing more images later this week,

  8. Alexey says:

    Let me know if you still need it.
    Regards, Alexey AKA jumpingrat @ LJ.

  9. Awtha says:

    You mean to say you pics aint perfect from the git go? Say it isn’t so! Who whould’a thunk? Thanks for your always thought provoking media. It’s amazing where i see your work (& not always attributed).

    • Dorothy Grant says:

      You’d never believe it by looking at finished photos, but Gremlin sheds a lot. His fur is attracted to nicely oiled steel like iron filings to a magnet… and no matter how short the time between cleaning and the photo being taken, some dust or fur will find a way to land on the product.

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