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Feeding the Savage Rascal

Savage Rascal is one of my favorite little rifles. It’s accurate enough with iron sights, but really shines with a scope. Two things make it better. 1)Rings of appropriately low height. 2)Some way to carry spare ammunition.   And, of … Continue reading

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  Somehow, I always end up with portrait, even from a figure photo shoot.

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Remington ACR in 300BLK, suppressed

A very handy little rifle, with minimal recoil and good accuracy. Does a number on bowling pins with 220gr subsonics at 50 yards, splitting them right in half. No blowback with suppressor. ACR | 762SD-N6  

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Good craftsmen merit better tools

Alexis has been progressing quickly with a 22-45, now she’s upgrading to a Volquartsen Scorpion, courtesy of the generous sponsor. The RMR is a loaner, pending a more permanent solution. Extended, sprung floorplates are made by TK. She seems pleased … Continue reading

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Laser training for kids

Alexis is a pretty good shot already, but she wants more practice. Not being able to drive herself to the range, she’s limited to airsoft and laser trainers. My SU16D airsoft just went with her, along with the Laserlyte kit. … Continue reading

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Magazine commonality

We’ve seen AR15 rifles with AK magazine, now we have AK based rifles that feed from AR magazines for ease of insertion and better availability. On the left, Amendment Arms Joshua MK5E, a milled AK-pattern rifle with monolithic rail, adjustable … Continue reading

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“I am not Charlie!”

It may be better to be a live jackal than a dead lion, but it is better still to be a live lion. And usually easier. (Robert Heinlein) When people regularly die for expressing their beliefs, free speech does not … Continue reading

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Skin retouching tutorials?

Please advise on the most clear tutorials for working with skin textures? I’ve read several rather unclear guides on working with specific texture frequencies, would like to find something that’s easier to follow and implement.

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US made AK cometh.

Rifle | Magazine |¬†Eye Protection  

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Zombie green rifle

What is the temperature of a zombie? Above ambient, I would assume. Fighting Sheepdog rifle with IR Defense Hunter scope. I forget who made the can.

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How to add CSS style sheet to a WordPress page?

Amie needs to embed a form but the form comes with an external style sheet link which needs to be put in the head of the page. I am not see where the formatting of an individual WordPress post ban … Continue reading

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Need contact info for MetaBones

I am using their adapter to run Canon EF lenses on Sony body. The locking between the body and the adapter is slightly loose and leads to loss of electrical contact from time to time. I emailed their support address, … Continue reading

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Happy dance

Carry solution found, Sig 225.

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Magnum Lite .22WMR: new on American Shooting Journal

A brief review.

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Waste not

  The knife handle is coyote jawbone. The club for seal hunting is petrified walrus penis bone. Human parts aren’t generally used for crafts, but they make fine temporary display stands for arms.

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Why not a longslide?

Nighhawk T4 in 9mm: 3.8″ barrel, 5″ height, 1.32″ width. Compact, with light recoil and good accuracy. Great for concealed carry. But it’s not being concealed here, which brings me to a practical question: “Why not a longer pistol?” Much … Continue reading

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.45 caliber rifles

  45LC | 45-70Govt

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What’s the situation in Puerto Rico now?

In June, Puerto Rico gun laws got struck down. What does it mean in practice for the island residents and visitors? (The rifle is Henry octagon pump in 22WMR. The beach is on Vieques Island.)

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Socializing with native troops

She looks in dire need of humanitarian aid, ear and eye protection. A 30mm grenade launcher wouldn’t hurt, either.  

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Superhuman senses.

She can hear better and tell bearing of the sound source more precisely with the amplified hearing protection. She can see in the dark with the thermal scope. And she’s definitely compensating with the Tavor for her inability to well-aimed … Continue reading

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