Feeding the Savage Rascal

Savage Rascal is one of my favorite little rifles. It’s accurate enough with iron sights, but really shines with a scope.

Two things make it better. 1)Rings of appropriately low height. 2)Some way to carry spare ammunition.


And, of course, it’s an even better rifle when handled by a shooter of Alexis‘ caliber.


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3 Responses to Feeding the Savage Rascal

  1. Talie says:

    The young lady may indeed be a rascal, but I doubt that she’s a savage. 😀

  2. Chris M says:

    Both of my granddaughters have Rascal’s. One is seven, has a pink rifle, and my son is just starting to teach her to shoot it. The other granddaughter is two, has a blue Rascal, For now it’s kept in her dad’s gun safe and she is simply being taught the rules of safe gun handling while watching her older sister shoot.

  3. Peter Sable says:

    What was the hearing protection?

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