Savage Rascal, scoped

I’ve written about Savage Rascal before. It’s one of my favorite little rifles, tiny enough for kids but built well enough for adults to use as well. I use mine with the default peep sight and that’s good enough for 1″ at 25 yards. The walnut stocked version is both slightly heavier and slightly more expensive than the colorful plastic stocked models. It might make sense to put the balance of the weight and the extra money into an optic, like this store brand but surprisingly decent 2-7x. Being able to see the point of aim better translates into improved practical accuracy.

Combined with “quiet ammo“, it’s a very pleasant back yard plinker. It is equipped with sling swivel studs which can also be used for a bipod.


The lengths and the heft are about right for this 9 year old girl. She has shot other, larger guns, but this rifle is hers.

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4 Responses to Savage Rascal, scoped

  1. Erin Palette says:

    If Savage made a Rascal with a tube magazine, I’d be all over it in a heartbeat.

  2. MIKE MILLER says:


    She seems despondent on the lack of a bayonet.


    • Lyle says:

      How about; she isn’t despondent? Maybe she’s just very relaxed and confident.

      Must kids always appear excited?

      • MIKE MILLER says:


        No, kids don’t have to be excited all the time but I’ll still go with my opinion of what I see.


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