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What other .308 bullpup is left-hander friendly?

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RFB Hunter ad

This rifle is fractionally shorter than an AR10 with 16″ barrel but has less muzzle flash and delivers¬†300-400fps higher velocity. At 600 yards, that’s about 3 feet less bullet drop! While in Florida, I shot it sub-MOA with 168gr match … Continue reading

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Same short Vepr again.

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Communing with cat

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Shortie with a punch.

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My work in print.

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Recycling food cans with a 9mm carbine.

Take a 9mm carbine, top it with 3x scope and hang tins where the wind moves them a bit. Next, make the cans dance with 33 rounds of 9mm. Smiles all around are guaranteed.

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New on CTD Blog: Don’t use too much gun!

Read Don’t use too much gun!

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They do exist!

Another rack was on the range being test fired, and about twice as many were already in boxes at the shipping room.

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Today’s range experiement

Tried shooting RMR30 for a group despite wind moving both bullets and the gun itself. Gemtech G5 sound suppressor worked really well, but it was also a bit heavier than the tiny dedicated 22WMR can. Fifteen rounds of CCI Maxi … Continue reading

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Having a great time at Keltec

Keltec is one of the most pleasant companies I’ve ever visited. People seem friendly to each other, helpful to me and working with them is a joy. Went for another range trip today, mostly to shoot video of their guns … Continue reading

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Keltec SU16D: a weapon for tight spots

SU16D has either a 9″ or a 12″ barrel (shown). With a sort stock, a 60-round magazine and a red dot sight, it’s quite a rapid room-cleaner. Loud, too.

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Today’s work: Keltec SU16

SU16 is my current favorite 223 — enough that it is my house gun. Mine is very heavily modified with Keltec and Red Lion parts, equipped with light/laser, red dot and a sound suppressor. The full-up weight is probably 50% … Continue reading

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Hanging out with the good people of Keltec this week

Most video and photos will be up upon my return, but here’s a little sample of today’s range time. Glassing the target: The purpose of the 24″ barrel is reduced muzzle blast and about 200fps of added velocity over the … Continue reading

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Night vision photography

Aperture Value f/2.5 Focal Length 20 mm ISO 400 Shutter Speed Value 30 sec This photo was taken with the little Panasonic G2. I had to guess focus and composition because the viewfinder was pitch-black. Starts recorded as short streaks. … Continue reading

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What would you do to be free?

If the goal is to avoid indignities great and petty, how does one become more free? Not minding them is one way, but learning to ignore evil doesn’t free us or our beloved from its pysical manifestations. Spiritual freedom does … Continue reading

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One component of being free.

After years of thinking, I may have figured out which aspect of life makes a person feel un-free. It’s the frequency of having to perform submission rituals. When a feudal lord rides by peasants and they have to kneel in … Continue reading

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Traveling in style

Going to SHOT show, I grabbed a random gun case from several on the floor. That proved a mistake — the case wouldn’t stay closed! Both latches popped off at intervals, and after a while it was held together as … Continue reading

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A nice rifle

Head Down/ATI rifle with Magpul furniture, Insight MRDS, Gemtech Halo and Milspec Monkey patch.

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Springtach universal holsters

Hailey has two identical holsters in different colors. One has a Taurus 24-7 with Viridian X5L, the other M&P9 with Streamlight TLR2. Both can be switched from left to right hand configuration. An M1911 with a Surefire light would fit … Continue reading

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