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More snapshots from Prague

Nice legs. A doggie date A spaniel? (Update) Apparently a dachshund.

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Location advice needed for Nashville area

I need access to either a rock formation, or something mountainous (similar to Middle East or Afghanistan) or some urban ruin — but the catch is that I would bring rifles with me. Certain obvious locations in town are off … Continue reading

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Photos of Tavor in Israeli use

I am looking for documentary photos showing Tavor rifles in actual use. These have to be publishable as elements of an illustration — either in the public domain or with known, reachable authors. High resolution — 2000px and up highly … Continue reading

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After a string of fire.

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Freedom of speech in New Jersey

JPFO makes this target available for free download. New Jersey makes shooting at it illegal. Looks like a ready-made First Amendment legal challenge to me. Especially with the text removed, it becomes a very pure example of recognized evil — … Continue reading

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AR15 parts for sale.

Posting these for a friend: Custom Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT) 10.5″ Upper receiver with: LMT 10.5″ chrome lined 1:7 twist 5.56 Heavy Barrel LMT Complete Semi Auto Bolt Carrier Group Tactical Latch for Charging Handle Phantom Flash Hider LaRue … Continue reading

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A strangely charismatic little rifle.

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Speaking of Henry lever actions

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Comblock guns

Back in the 1980s and 90s, comblock guns referred to weapons produced in the Warsaw Pact countries and China. Given the changes in our world since, we may soon be able to apply that term to Armalite rifles produced in … Continue reading

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M1A Scout in a Rogue bullpup stock

In the two views, you can see the “belt and suspenders and then some” approach to sighting — 4-16x scope and red dot (both Vortex) plus offset Dueck iron sights, all usable without having to remove or shift anything. The … Continue reading

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My hunting rifle and Katyn forest.

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New teeth for my model.

Wendy has appeared in two of my RKBA posters. Her daughter and husband have been in a dozen more. Now we can help her in turn and I would urge my readers to put what you can in the fund. … Continue reading

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If you like folding stocks on AR15s, here’s another upper option

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Where flat-shooting pistols really shine

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Canadian photographer Dickson Ly

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Match accuracy in a plastic rifle?

Last year, I shot a Chiappa 15-22 at an indoor range with a 1-4x scope. At 25 yards, the bullets consistently clover-leafed. I absolutely did not expect that result from a lightweight upper on a plastic lower, especially since I … Continue reading

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Back from SHOT show

The 2013 show was a major success. I will be posting photos and articles from it in the next several weeks. I even managed two range trips: the first at Media Day (which was fun but extremely cold and windy) … Continue reading

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The transparent shotgun

Of the guns I shot at SHOT show Media Day, the competition version of MKA1919 impressed me the most. It was the most transparent clay-busting device ever — I hit 9 of 9  with it though I am a lousy … Continue reading

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New Keltec KSG video

Mesa Tactical | Keltec KSG

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Are presidents the new royalty?

This Secret Service White House guard with P90 submachine gun protects Obama and his family. His fully automatic weapon uses 50 round magazines.

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