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YHM8030 pistol: new won Tactical Life

My photos with Jay’s article.

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Max Cavitator ammunition: new on AllOutdoor

New Load from OATH Ammunition, developed with my participation.

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Small features that matter

AAC MPW 300BLK rifle with 2.5-10x Vortex scope. The shooter is one of OATH Ammunition employees. Ammunition: OATH subsonic 300BLK inĀ aluminum case, supersonic in brass case. Projectiles in both are precision-machined copper. I’ve been playing a lot with machined bullets … Continue reading

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Random bullpuppery

Flashhider with QD mount for a Yankee Hill can, Forend housing a Surefire light, and a custom 300Blackout barrel made by Paul Reaavis of Gearhead Works. Looks useful to me. Steyr AUG in 9mm, with an Aimpoint onĀ Gearhead Works’ rail … Continue reading

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More from the archives

AAC flash hider and QD suppressor (M4-2000) Preparing to launch a 37mm smoke. The rifle is a Mossberg MMR with 4x Trijicon ACOG scope and a Primary Arms micro dot. Smith & Wesson M&P in 300BLK with Dueck Defense sights … Continue reading

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If you like folding stocks on AR15s, here’s another upper option

Since their web site is still in development, I’ll post the two sides of their SHOT show handout. These should start shipping by Spring. You can see their Facebook page for now.

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AAC/Remington Micro 7 carbine for sale.

Recently, I posted photos of the Micro 7. My friend who provided it for the photos now wants to sell the rifle, new in the box, unfired. The rifle is sold by itself (no optic) for $715. If interested, let … Continue reading

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SU16 available in 300Blackout chambering.

300Blackout is very attractive for short range (which is where 99 point something percent of defensive uses happen). It throws twice the lead of the .223Rem at reasonable velocity (ballistics approximate 7.62×39 but bullet selection is better). While subsonics are … Continue reading

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Same rifle, bigger caliber

The logic of 300BLK is simple: twice the weight of metal at the cost of slightly less flat trajectory. At 100 yards, the difference in drop is only 2″, at 200 it grows to 8″. Still within point blank for … Continue reading

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A petite bolt action rifle

AAC Micro 7 in 300BLK with Cyclone-K suppressor

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Today’s work: Keltec SU16

SU16 is my current favorite 223 — enough that it is my house gun. Mine is very heavily modified with Keltec and Red Lion parts, equipped with light/laser, red dot and a sound suppressor. The full-up weight is probably 50% … Continue reading

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