AAC/Remington Micro 7 carbine for sale.

Recently, I posted photos of the Micro 7. My friend who provided it for the photos now wants to sell the rifle, new in the box, unfired. The rifle is sold by itself (no optic) for $715. If interested, let me know. At stores, when they can be found, these sell for over $800.

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5 Responses to AAC/Remington Micro 7 carbine for sale.

  1. Vad says:

    Interesting. I’m in the market for remington 700. Out killing bambi dec 1 – 9.

  2. Sha-ul says:

    The Micro 7 in 300WTF would be a wonderful setup for a youth just starting out, compact, lightweight, low recoiling.
    Too bad they are so pricey.

  3. Code_4 says:

    I will take this. Email sent.

  4. Ware Sullivan says:

    is the rifle still available?

  5. curtis smith says:

    i am assuming this has been snatched up. if not, i would be interested.

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