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Scary Halloween thoughts.

This year, same as last, the scariest deeds aren’t being shown on C-SPAN. They are being done on the quiet — so take C-SPAN level of scary and multiply it by some unknown but considerable coefficient to get the idea … Continue reading

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Loaner video camera needed.

If anyone in Nashville has a current prosumer video camera and would be willing to let me try it out, please let me know. I’d like to figure out if the ergonomic advantages of a dedicated video camera would be … Continue reading

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Alternatives to QuickBooks?

I am looking for a simple program capable of downloading and consolidating credit card and bank transactions, to do simple accounting, including preparing data for tax forms. Has anyone successfully used open-source (such as GNUCash 2) accounting programs for these … Continue reading

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Strange shotgun

Mossberg 500 shotgun converted to take Saiga 12 magazines.

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Slavery reparations?

Has anyone considered the reparations owed to those who served involuntarily as draftees before that shameful practice was discontinued? Unlike the reparations to the long-dead slaves who were in bondage pre-1860s, these actually have a chance of reaching the living.

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Twenty photos from SkyDogCon 2013

Photos | About SkyDogCon

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CZ P09 Duty as a Survival Gun: New on AllOutdoor

Can a defensive sidearm be pressed into other uses?

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A good day with a lovely woman.

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Visible bullet trace

Student in Condition 1 carry course fires a Glock 23 at the range. Bullet trace is visible. I recently attended one of their sessions and found both classroom and range portions very informative.

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Newlyweds in training

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Austin, TX new travel dates.

I will be there November 16-17. The joint dinner/get-together is planned for 8pm on the 16th, place to be decided.

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Good news on the computer front

Today, a friend installed the new video card (gifted by another friend) and the replacement power supply. He discovered that the old card controller was accidentally nudged into overclocking while we tried to do the opposite the last time. It’s … Continue reading

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Kel-tec SU16 fills the same niche as the original Colt AR15: a lightweight but capable rifle that can go anywhere and not unduly burden the person carrying it. With 18.5″ barrel, it weighs less than an M1 carbine or even … Continue reading

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New on AllAoutdoor: Maximizing .410 performance

Making the best of a marginal bore.

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For the fans of LH9

DA/SA pistol with cocked and locked capability. The hammer can be pushed forward, flush to the frame but still retain single action pull. DA is available for a re-strike or in case safety off, hammer down carry is preferred for … Continue reading

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A lady’s bodyguard

PLR16 with Red Lion Precision forend, Viridian X5L light/laser, Manticore Arms flash hider, Magpul Gen.2 20-rounder.

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Please help a fellow gunnie.

My friend Bonnie could use a bit of help.

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Self-defense on the job?

Very interesting article and comments: Summary: yes, they can. So discretion in bearing arms is important to avoid being fired prior to needing to defend yourself. Of course, the legal right to fire an employee extends to unarmed self-defense … Continue reading

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Austin, TX

New travel dates: November 16-17

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New on AllOutdoor: Rimfire training: semi-auto vs. manual actions.

How to pick the most appropriate training rifle.

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