Austin, TX

New travel dates: November 16-17

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4 Responses to Austin, TX

  1. Jason says:

    Hi Oleg. I live in Austin. Would love to meet you, my email is above

  2. PO Ford says:

    Howdy from the Lone Star State…hope you enjoy your stay. Wish I were closer to Austin to meet. I can always rely on great photos and info on your site…keep it up!

  3. LarryArnold says:

    Dang. Family reunion that weekend in the only place in Texas weirder than Austin.

    No. Renaissance Festival.

  4. Mike Owens says:

    Person from Round Rock here, in the bedroom suburbs of Austin.

    Austin’s bumper sticker motto is “Keep Austin Weird.”
    Round Rock’s bumper sticker motto is “Keep Round Rock Staunchly Conservative.”
    Pflugerville, between the two, has cars sporting “Pflugerville: Between a Rock and a Weird Place.”

    Red’s in Pflugerville (or Red’s in Dripping Springs) is/are the local gun range(s).

    Enjoy the BBQ at The Salt Lick. The beans are bland because you are expected to put BBQ sauce in them yourself, to taste.

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