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Urgent: need recommendations for computer courses near Louisville, KY for May 2016

Looking for a 2-3 days seminar, workshop, conference, symposium, camp, class around May 15-26 in or near Louisville. Topics covered should be one or more of the following: – software engineering; – computer education; – online learning; – Microsoft .NET … Continue reading

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Minimal upgrades for a Romanian AK

Friends just dragged in this curious collection of parts. I am puzzled by seemingly ratty weapons being used by very competent people. Light mount is in evidence under the barrel. Somehow, they managed to graft an A2 flash hider onto … Continue reading

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Microphone advice needed

I am looking for two microphones for use with Canon XA20 video camera. One would be an on-camera mike (something like Audio-Technica AT8022), the other a remote (something like Sennheiser AVX). Knowing entirely too little about audio recording, I need advice on what’s … Continue reading

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Infringed: a useful book about gun laws

I finally had a chance to read Alexandria Kincaid’s book about the US gun laws in all their irrational glory. Over half of the illustrations in it were done by me, but while I’ve been looking at parts of the book for … Continue reading

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HK33 magazines that work

When it comes to 5.56mm HK roller-lock rifles and their clones, three choices are prominent in magazine selection. Choice one is a version taking inexpensive and widely available AR15 magazines. Choice two is the original German steel magazine, currently at … Continue reading

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Get a good deal on recent ebooks

Several of my friends are doing a sale on their newest novels, novellas and short stories. I recommend.

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Primary Arms 1-8x FFP scope: new on Shooting Illustrated

A high end scope at a reasonable price.

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Outdoor fun in mid-December

  One reason to live in Tennessee: tshirt weather in the middle of December. The secret to this local warming is burning enough gunpowder! Beck Defense carbine in 7.62×35(300 Blackout). For more effective warming of the environment, .510 Beck — … Continue reading

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Subcompact camera update

Sony RX100 IV proved a disappointment. Image quality is well below my expectations with poor colors, and the usability for video is poor with focus problems. My eyeglasses push the pop-up viewfinder out of alignment, so that’s only marginally helpful. … Continue reading

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Good parenting is more than…

…just taking your two champion kids to World Steel Championship 2015 and shooting along with them, it’s also about horsey rides even if the kids are already teenagers. Talk about setting a high standard for their future mates!  

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Scoping the PTR91

So I finally got curious about the accuracy potential of the MAD 33AR and the PTR91. With iron sights, I can do OK but not well enough to make hits on smaller targets. The scope mount I got didn’t quite fit the … Continue reading

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The grin of the win

Today, I was at the range with three friends. We did a little shooting competition. Wooden boards sized about 6″x9″ were propped up on the bushes by the berm and we shot at them from 150 yards. Each shooter had … Continue reading

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PTR91 wide handguard?

Why is this young lady sad? She just found out that the slim forend shifts on firing and can pinch fingers against the receiver. Where could I find a wide forend for this PTR91?  

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Pass it on!

It’s good to be a competitive shooter, like Dani Bryan-Nickens for Team CZ Forum. It’s even better to also pass on the skills and the mindset to the next generation. That Volquartsen Scorpion is worth a lot more in competent … Continue reading

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If .223 is for poodle-shooting…

…the .308 must be for hellhounds? Aero Precision 308 carbine with Viridian V300 power zoom laser illuminator and Vortex 1-6x scope.

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Pretty sharp

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Sphinx Origins: new book by Amie Gibbons

Just finished the cover for another witch story by Amie, one in a new series. I read it, recommend it to people who like urban fantasy genre. CQB with electrical effects shown on the cover is present in the text.

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Hazards of modeling: the hungry beasts

So you are just standing in a meadow, trying to look properly angsty…and this big beast comes up and tries to nibble on you!

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A speeding bullet

From NSSF 2015 World Steel Challenge.

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Grand Power

Rotary breech, very low felt recoil and good accuracy. The X-Calibur model needs a slightly shorter safety paddle (could be taken from the standard K100) and a less goofy font on the slide.

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