Microphone advice needed

I am looking for two microphones for use with Canon XA20 video camera. One would be an on-camera mike (something like Audio-Technica AT8022), the other a remote (something like Sennheiser AVX). Knowing entirely too little about audio recording, I need advice on what’s the reasonable price/performance level for field use. Main goals are interviews and sound effects.

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2 Responses to Microphone advice needed

  1. Miguel says:

    And you live in Nashville? 😀

    It depends what are you going to do. Shotgun mikes are the standard for off body carry (to coin a phrase) and there is a new generation of small ones that fit above the cameras. Only drawback is that they are married to the camera line of sight and in some cases you do not get the best audio that way. For that you need the old fashioned shotgun mike attached to a boom and an operator.

    Microphones are like golf clubs: You choose them depending on the situation and locale.
    I am not an expert with Lavaliers, so I leave them to somebody else.
    As usual, buyer beware and you get what you pay for.


  2. htom says:

    I’ve been out of this too long to make a useful recommendation, but I can ask some questions. Indoor, outdoor, botr? Wired or wireless? Camera handheld or tripod? (If the camera is not hand there’s almost always a better place for the microphones.) Microphone to camera, or microphone to mixer to camera?

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