Infringed: a useful book about gun laws

I finally had a chance to read Alexandria Kincaid’s book about the US gun laws in all their irrational glory. Over half of the illustrations in it were done by me, but while I’ve been looking at parts of the book for some time, I just now got to read the coherent whole. The book is excellent — clear, funny and informative. It’s also a great gift to fence-sitting friends who might not realize just how bizarre and illogical gun control is.

You can get it for a few days at a $5 discount and with free shipping. The books will ship early next week.

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  1. Leonard says:

    I ordered a copy of this book on 12/27 and it arrived yesterday (1/2). I’m only about 1/4 of the way through it and already wish I’d ordered 2 copies – one for me and one to share. I’ll be hitting the link to purchase the sec0nd one as soon as I post this. It’s worth the price – even if the $5 discount has expired.

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