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Custom rifles are always works in progress

The first approach looks like this: light tapering 1:8 twist barrel, muzzle brake and charging handle by Strike Industries, ambi safety by them also. Mission First Tactical grip and stock, carbon fiber forend by Brigand Arms. Improved trigger. Lancer magazine. … Continue reading

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A new domain name obtained

On reflection, I decided to separate firearms and politics from other parts of my site. I just need to remember how to set up another WordPress blog on the same server but with a different identity…

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FB is as usual.

FB claims they blocked me for 24 hours for posting something with nudity. My guess they couldn’t deal with this. That definitely confirms the need to post most of my work on a server I control and only use FB … Continue reading

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In a hurry

No time to unfold the stock or to put on pants šŸ™‚

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Recent edit of an older portrait.

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Pew-pew with a PU

Mosin with a 3.5x PU scope.

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“I just want my M14!”

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Where to post NSFW entries?

I’d like a show of hands: Who would prefer NSFW images and texts here, mixed with politics, firearms and other topics? Who would prefer I start a separate blog where things you can’t unsee would show up?

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Gun stand

Made from the finest porcelain.

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Please recommend gallery software

Currently, I am using “Gallery 2”, old unsupported software. I’d like to migrate to something newer, ideally while retaining the old gallery to keepĀ all the links from my blog correct. Any recommendations?

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Why such emphasis on low recoil?

A lot of the shooters I deal with are slightly built, young and relatively inexperienced with firearms. When they go beyond .22, it helps to teach them on relatively quiet and low-kick guns. That’s where the 380ACP carbine comes in … Continue reading

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Firearms, a matter of credibility

Assuming an ideal spherical teenager in vacuum…ok, let’s not. Let’s use this very specific 12 year old in a hypothetical situation of being threatened by something human-like. From the perspective of the predator, which of her weapons would pose the … Continue reading

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A worthwhile upgrade for Walther P22

I use P22 quite a bit when training people with small hands. In suppressed form, it eventually gunks up and has to be cleaned. Re-assembly used to beĀ a pain because of the recoil assembly design. Not anymore! Now it’s about … Continue reading

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Thumbs up!


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Inland M1 carbines: new on Alloutdoor

Reproductions of WW2 models and variations on the theme.

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Compact but long-range

Desert Tech Covert .308 with 3-17x US Optics scope. Short, handy and effective up to the limit of the cartridge range. People look like this after shooting it. The person, incidentally, is a talented photographer in her own right. She … Continue reading

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Hi-Point C9 pistol: new on AllOutdoor

Cheap or Inexpensive?

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Writers, again

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How prohibitions endure

US had numerous state level prohibitions on alcohol before the national one was enacted. I wondered how people stood for those and didn’t shoot the culprits out of hand. Then, a thought occurred to me that explained how prohibitions of … Continue reading

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Infrared camera for sale

I am getting an upgraded IR camera, so my CanonĀ EOS REBEL T3 will be available. Selling it with a second battery and charger, $275 for everything, plus shipping cost from zip code 37076. Example of B&W image (it will also … Continue reading

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