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Infrared snapshots

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Portrait in infrared

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50th birthday photos (NSFW)

I was impressed by both the attitude and the physical shape. This is a woman who’s raised kids and had enough self-discipline to work out to the point of being more fit than most youngsters.

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Various looks of the same person

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Fun in infrared

At Aribert Munzner’s art show in Minneapolis, which is still open to the public. Unlike the Minneapolis Institute of Art, which uses mostly fluorescent lights, Ari’s show had enough infrared for me to use the converted G2. That little camera is … Continue reading

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Quality is in the details.

During a photo shoot, I snapped a few infrared images and noticed that one of the slings brought by a friend doesn’t look camouflaged anymore. It looks bright white. Through an night vision device, it would actually glow like a … Continue reading

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Tear gas won’t make her cry.

Are gas masks sufficient protection against CS, or would other mucous membranes have to be protected as well?

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Infrared camera for sale

I am getting an upgraded IR camera, so my Canon EOS REBEL T3 will be available. Selling it with a second battery and charger, $275 for everything, plus shipping cost from zip code 37076. Example of B&W image (it will also … Continue reading

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Socializing with native troops

She looks in dire need of humanitarian aid, ear and eye protection. A 30mm grenade launcher wouldn’t hurt, either.  

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Old infrared portraits

False color IR. B&W conversion.

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Ambidextrous rifle from Rainier Arms

Nice rifle, pity it isn’t mine. The Samson forend is quite small in circumference and very light thanks to careful skeletonizing. Magpul UBR stock, grip, sights and rail sling attachment. AXTS receiver has all controls duplicated left and right. Rainier … Continue reading

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Night hunters

Keltec RMR30 with Gemtech 22WMR suppressor and ATN MK390 night scope. The infrared illuminator above the scope is turned off. Magpul backup sights for daytime use are folded out of the way. Czech vz58 Both photographed with 35/2 lens behind … Continue reading

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New varminting rig

Coyotes are becoming a problem for a friend. To assist, we’ve put together a new rig for night varminting. Keltec RMR30 (22WMR autoloader) with Gemtech sound suppressor (also to remove muzzle flash). Folding “iron” sights for daytime use, 4x night … Continue reading

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