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Museum musings

Minneapolis Art Institute has a nice variety of work on exhibit. Some of it is pretty life-like. Unfortunately, the excellence of the artwork is not supported by competency in lighting of the exhibit. All lights are very directional cans set … Continue reading

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Fun in infrared

At Aribert Munzner’s art show┬áin Minneapolis, which is still open to the public. Unlike the Minneapolis Institute of Art, which uses mostly fluorescent lights, Ari’s show had enough infrared for me to use the converted G2. That little camera is … Continue reading

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Credit where it’s due

Minnesota’s recent legalization of sound suppressors is mainly GOCRA‘s achievement. Please support them.  

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Having a great time in Minnesota

(Photo by Tatyana Volk) Today, I went to see two shows at the Minneapolis Art Institute, Edo Pop (Japanese prints and animation) and Bonjour Japon (European posters inspired by Japan). Both shows were quite interesting, I’d like to go back … Continue reading

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Minnesota elected officials plans to screw over those who elected them

Senate majority leader Amy Koch and the Public Safety Chair Limmer are trying to sink “stand your ground” bill. These pretend conservatives would prefer a legal requirement that lawful people confronted by criminals be second-guessed by police, required to run … Continue reading

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