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How safe is your area? New on AllOutdoor.

A simple visual indicator of crime levels.

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Snapshots from North Italy

I am no early riser, so haze caused by the evaporation from Lake Como was a constant problem. Hundred fifty year old house, brand new antenna. My favorite Americans. Italian man listening to his uphill neighbor.

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Gas station coffee

2014, Como, Italy. A little gas station with fuel prices showing why Italians favor small cars, scooters and bicycles, or diesel-engined vehicles. At the exchange rate of the time, the price for basic unleaded was just over $9/gallon. Parking space … Continue reading

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Friends between Gainsville and Atlanta?

I am looking at doing part of that drive tonight. I don’t feel up to the 5 hours all at once, so would like to check if anyone half-way between the two points would like an overnight guest.

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Idaho trip postponed

Due to the overwhelming number of home commitments and bad timing for the Boise trip, I am postponing until Fall. Unfortunately, that also cancels the Orofino trip for Boomershoot this year.

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Couch surfing for NRAAM 2016 in Louisville

Looks like I waited too long to get a hotel room and everything within reasonable range from the convention center is already booked. Would anyone have a spare couch available?

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What’s the situation in Puerto Rico now?

In June, Puerto Rico gun laws got struck down. What does it mean in practice for the island residents and visitors? (The rifle is Henry octagon pump in 22WMR. The beach is on Vieques Island.)

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When in Rome…

…I couldn’t do as these Romans, as their laws aren’t very friendly to gun ownership and less friendly to carry. The US laws are no better as far as visitors are concerned. This is the main down side to foreign … Continue reading

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Crash space in Indianapolis?

Amie would like to go to the writers’ events at Gencon, I would be tagging along. We looked at hotels and found nothing even close to the location this late in the season. Would anyone living reasonably close to Gencon … Continue reading

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Back from SHOT Show.

Just returned from the least stressful, most productive SHOT show in my career. I got to meet many friends from all over the world. Got to look and try a wide variety of arms and accessories. Bringing back tremendous amount … Continue reading

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Boise get-together, Saturday 11th

Meet old friends and make new acquaintances this Saturday at Rembrandt’s coffee house in Eagle, ID. The get-together begins at 10am and will likely go until 1pm or so.

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Need help with coordinating a project in Boise, ID

The location at which I was set to do photos, video and some live fire just became unavailable. Neither of my two local coordinators have been reachable in several days, so I need to come up with plan B by … Continue reading

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Roll call: Boise, Idaho

I will be there next week for a photo shoot with Gemtech, PWS, Lucid, Keltec and other companies. A couple of my models are coming in from California and Minnesota. I’d like to know who is in the area — … Continue reading

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Seeking advice on traveling around Italy

My parents and I are going to Italy in late May. In Rome we still have a choice of living either close to metro Piazza Bologna on via Michele di Lando or in a slightly more comfortable flat on Via di Santa Petronilla … Continue reading

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Scheduling dilemma.

This year, Porcfest and Libertycon overlap. Not sure how to be both places at once. Porcfest would be interesting and place me near some of my clients from NH and MA. But driving to it would require going through NY … Continue reading

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Having an awesome time in Idaho

Taking hundreds of photos daily, observing much wildlife (deer, turkey, quail, various raptors, ground squirrel), eating well (both home cooked meals and amazing CD’s BBQ) and hanging out with great people. Also sharpening my rifle and shotgun skills….apparently, I can … Continue reading

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And this is how we know that TSA is pure security theater

TSA pretends that their screening catches weapons and bombs. We know from controlled experiments that they don’t catch bombs reliably. We also know from testimonials of friends that they let things like knives and live ammunition through their scanners because … Continue reading

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Various recent photos


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Catching up on editing photos from Switzerland

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South Carolina update: Charleston and Savannah in early March

My trip plans have become more concrete: flying into Charleston to meet with my parents, staying three days, then going to Savannah for three more days. Looking for suggestions on interesting places to visit in both cities, also any picturesque … Continue reading

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