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Sig 553 and ACOG in Swiss use


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Catching up on editing photos from Switzerland

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The lens sees what the eye doesn’t

I made a panoramic collage of the countryside near Biel in Switzerland. Only upon review at home did I notice an interesting detail. (Click on the preview to load the full panorama. The area of interest is marked on it.) … Continue reading

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Travel by muscle power

In Switzerland, bicycles are very popular. Everyone rides them, from kids to the retirees. Razor scooters are also popular. On the plus side, that keeps everyone physically fit. Supplemented by public transportation in case of bad weather, these options work … Continue reading

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A bear cub in Berne

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Friends in Switzerland

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Cats of Berne

The biggest challenge with this cat was staying far enough away to focus. It was very friendly. And this illustrates the importance of cropping to the semantic content.

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Just in case you are hungry

Swiss food.

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A Swiss Spartan?

Looking at his sleeve more closely… Give up the K31? Only if the foes take all of the GP11 first, center mass. Then, the bayonet.

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Most guns will do if you will

Out of these three rifles, I’d have to go with the SKS by preference. SVT40 has a harsh recoil and complex disassembly, K31 has an awkward safety and the paper/foil clips have to be oriented in a specific way for … Continue reading

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Ammunition production since 1863

While in Thun, Switzerland, I visited the parent company of RUAG. As the stained glass indicates, they have been producing gunpowder and ammunition since 1863. My friend Melissa Gilliland is quite fond of their match ammo, and Ashbury Precision Ordnance … Continue reading

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Personal Defense Weapon

BT9 is basically a 9mm pistol with a shoulder stock to aid in accurate shooting. In semi-auto form, it works well to 200m, especially with an optic like the Trijicon Reflex 2 shown. Nearly no felt recoil. A great defensive … Continue reading

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Keltec P32 pistol in Swiss use

P210 and P220 are the official pistols in Swiss army, militia and some police use. I also saw Glock and Sphinx pistols in police holsters. But the most common “unofficial” sidearm seems to be the P32. My Swiss friends estimate … Continue reading

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Sig552 carbine with a Trijicon scope

After a day of running around and controlling the rifle with one hand part of the time, the appeal of short carbines becomes compelling. Optics negate the reduction of the iron sight radius. Muzzle velocity does drop some but not … Continue reading

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The mainstay of the Swiss infantry

Sig550 with 4x optic from 1976. QD mount allows true return to zero. The scopes are slowly getting phased out as the supply of parts runs out. The thin bipod is surprisingly sturdy and allows good control of automatic fire. … Continue reading

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Recent fun and games.

Both days featured sunshine, rain, snow and hail mixed up randomly. Alain Baeriswyl is an exceptionally good coach. Both the shooting course and the Minuteman training were informative, challenging, fun and lend themselves to further practice of the skills taught. … Continue reading

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