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One of the Lucky Gunner shoot organizers

Angela not only did much of the shoot organizing but also ferried cold water and ammunition to shooters all day. She’s looking pretty fresh here despite the many hours spent running back and forth in the heat! Kriss | EOtech … Continue reading

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Stephen Camp died

Stephen was the authority on all things Hi-Power. A Loginov noted in Light in the Window, the measure of a man’s life is in the memories he leaves in the hearts of others…and in the knowledge he passes along. Obituary

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More from Lucky Gunner shoot

Lucky Gunner | Czechpoint | Advanced Armament

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A few good blogs

Western Rifle Shooters Radio Free NJ Forgotten Weapons Atomic Nerds

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Cyrano had his sword. She has her Mauser.

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A very implied portrait

In this photo, Morgan was wearing shorts and a tanktop. Anything less than that is in your own mind. Should be perfectly safe for work 🙂

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The order of battle

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Where I was this weekend: Lucky Gunner shoot MP40 Kriss semi Kriss auto BAR 30-06 Taking photos Had the opportunity to shoot several interesting weapons: MP40 — as always, very pleasant to fire but feels entirely too toy-like. M3A1 “grease gun” — love … Continue reading

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AXTS ambidextrous receiver

AXTS AX556 receiver duplicates magazine and bold releases on both sides. Seems useful to me. Both additional controls are fenced to avoid accidental activation.

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Adjusting camera to individual lenses I just looked at the images form this weekend and found many photos taken with the 85/1.8 severely back focused. Running the tests showed that it had to be adjusted to +7(!) for clear images.It’s a wonder I got … Continue reading

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Outtake from a poster shoot.

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A strutting turkey

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Roy helps me with photo shoots in Knoxville

Roy is a model, a location scout and possibly a photographer in his own right in the near future.

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Но слышу: — Жив зараза. Тащите в медсанбат! Расстреливать два раза уставы не велят.

This cat was alone of her litter to survive a euthanasia attempt. By the time my friends adopted her, she was terrified of people and possibly slightly brain-damaged. She’s very pretty and well coordinated, but acts as if she suspects … Continue reading

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Sniper Pro Shop Summer training schedule released

Course schedule and application These guys are local to me and very good — and a heck of a deal, too. I recommend.

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Slower on her feet, no slower on the draw.

Given the typical attraction of predators to injured prey, contingency planning is prudent. P3AT | IWB Bladetech holster

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We should have never adopted the poodleshooter!

A: .223 is just too small! B: Are you saying US Army should have just kept the 45-70? A: That’s an idea…but make it work in a semi-auto. For people who prefer throwing 300-350 grains of lead with every trigger … Continue reading

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Classic ambidextrous design: Henry .22 lever action

SGB | Lever action .22

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Maggie is enthusiastic about hunting deer with a .243 bolt action but he KSG also caught her interest.

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My RFB is back from Keltec

It now has the updated gas system which is easier to adjust. 1-4x Nightforce scope, Gemtech Sandstorm suppressor, Magpul sling and rail sling adapter. The model is Jessica. Although she is shown here with a backup Keltec P3AT, she actually … Continue reading

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