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What if my 30rd magazine is really a 10-rounder?

458SOCOM rifles use the standard .223 magazines which hold 10 rounds of the larger ammunition. Does this mean that 10-round .458 magazines would become very popular should the proposed ban go into effect? Their ability to hold 30 .223Rem cartridges … Continue reading

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Large Bore AR15

Guns4Pennies.com is about to auction off this rifle. The point of interest is mainly the caliber, 458SOCOM. Several types from 70gr frangibles all the way up to 600gr subsonics are. SBR makes several loads, as does Load-X. 350gr ball load … Continue reading

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Kills on one end. Pushes a little on the other.

458 SOCOM approximates full power 45-70 Govt. external ballistics. Anyone who’s fired 45-70 in either a lever action or a bolt rifle knows that the recoil is quite substantial. 458 ought to be as brutal except that it’s used primarily … Continue reading

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We should have never adopted the poodleshooter!

A: .223 is just too small! B: Are you saying US Army should have just kept the 45-70? A: That’s an idea…but make it work in a semi-auto. For people who prefer throwing 300-350 grains of lead with every trigger … Continue reading

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