We should have never adopted the poodleshooter!

A: .223 is just too small!
B: Are you saying US Army should have just kept the 45-70?
A: That’s an idea…but make it work in a semi-auto.

For people who prefer throwing 300-350 grains of lead with every trigger pull: Teppo Jutsu in .458 SOCOM. Take any .223 AR lower, swap the upper. Standard AR15 magazines work but hold 1/3 as much ammunition. OK, so there’s no free lunch. But .458 SOCOM (comparable to full power 45-70 in performance) would impress a bear whereas .223 might not.

Lucid HD7 red dot sight | Magpul BUIS

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16 Responses to We should have never adopted the poodleshooter!

  1. Dave says:

    Dave like! Dave want! Make Dave drool!

  2. docjim505 says:


  3. Dandapani says:

    Stop shooting poodles.

  4. Nikolay says:

    Fuck poodles. 20 GA is good for self-defense , I say. The problem is – there is no proper barrels this days . You don’t need a riffling, if you press one into another properly. 100 yards you are just as good without one. Wave structure, this is the key here.

  5. Nikolay says:

    Is She Married yet?

  6. Kevin says:

    “Stop shooting poodles”

    I agree. Oleg’s needs to stop slurring poodles too. Poodles are large hunting dogs in the 50-65 pound range. Those little noisey things are some breed of rat.

    But yes, let’s return to the 45-70. I love that round.

  7. Lyle says:

    458 SOCOM is for those giant, rabid mutant poodles in the 200 pound range.

  8. R. says:

    What’s wrong with hollowpoint .308 bullets?

    • Lyle says:

      Generally nothing at all, and if you have a 308 you are well armed. They won’t penetrate the really, really big poodles as well as the 458 though.

      I don’t know about high velocity hollowpoints. On one hand they can be spectacular. On the other hand, I’ve recovered bits of a 175 grain 308 HP from a 12 ounce plastic water bottle struck at 380 yards. The bullet essentially detonated on contact. That’ll blow the lungs right out of a deer, but the heavier, slower bullets can penetrate amazingly far through any size poodle.

      It all depends on the desired effect on the chosen target.

  9. Eric Oppen says:

    Apparently I didn’t get through…now I have something to tell my brother to get for me for my recent birthday.

  10. Beaumont says:

    Sounds like fun. Wonder how many .458s one could stuff into one of those SureFire 60-rd. mags?

    • Tiny says:

      Not sure about the SureFire mags, but the MWG 90-rounder (.223) will hold around 32 rounds of .458 SOCOM… if you need all 32, you need to reconsider what you are doing ;o)

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