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What does this tell you?

TN bans carry in government offices, and the Army bans carry on their bases and offices. Since we know that the signs do not stop determined assassins, we can only guess that the rule-makers are more worried about their own … Continue reading

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For close range and much further out

Barrett REC7 (6.8mm) with Vortex 1-4x scope. The shooter is an Army Captain, a veteran of the Afghan campaign.

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Jim Gilliland

Jim and Missy visited this weekend for photos for various articles. Here’s one of Jim showing a proper stance with a Remington 700.

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We should have never adopted the poodleshooter!

A: .223 is just too small! B: Are you saying US Army should have just kept the 45-70? A: That’s an idea…but make it work in a semi-auto. For people who prefer throwing 300-350 grains of lead with every trigger … Continue reading

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