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Portraits of friends

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Photos from range day with Faxon

I promised photos. The gun runs at about 700rpm and remains controllable. Trigger is good enough for squeezing off single rounds in auto mode, though we shot 2-4rd bursts most of the time. Beta testing showed full compatibility. And, of … Continue reading

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Co-witnessing sights for AK47 and AK74

AK74 clone with TWS railed cover and co-witnessed Aimpoint and iron sights. Either v-notch (shown) or aperture sights from TWS co-witness perfectly with the low-mounted Aimpoint. Magpul CTR stock and AFG.

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Just hanging out

AK74 clone (Tantal) in 5.45×39, with Aimpoint on a TWS railed cover, Magpul stock.

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This is my burka. There are many like it…

Soviet “Ameba” suit often used by snipers during WW2. Mosin 91/30 rifle with 3.5x PU scope.

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For close range and much further out

Barrett REC7 (6.8mm) with Vortex 1-4x scope. The shooter is an Army Captain, a veteran of the Afghan campaign.

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SSG69 PIV, police variant

This illustrates the utility of short, handy PIV┬ávariant. With the scope set at 3.5x, off-hand snapshots are possible. That would be rather harder with the longer bull barrels typical of longer military sniper rifles. At typical police sniper ranges under … Continue reading

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AKMS underfolder with TechSights

I’ve featured TechSights here before. They double AK’s sight radius. TechSights | A-tacs

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Small bore shotgun, small bore rifle

Father with Marlin 795LTR (Appleseed model) carbine. Daughter with Cavalry SX410 shotgun.

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Decorative Camouflage, Functional Rifle

For full functionality, the camo pattern would have had to be a little larger in scale and more subdued in color. But this gun is mostly for fun. On the practical side, RFB is short, handy and may be fired … Continue reading

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Coonan Eye Candy


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My friend Charles with a laser-sighted Glock 17


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A Rifleman Mirrored

RRA Leftie

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Armed with a gun she made.

Kaitlyn Lemmons is a 07 manufacturer. She made the semi-auto closed bolt PPSh42 that’s in her hands. I was very impressed by the quality of the weapons she produces. Diva Arsenal

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Jim Gilliland

Jim and Missy visited this weekend for photos for various articles. Here’s one of Jim showing a proper stance with a Remington 700.

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Afraid of gun accidents? Train your kids!

Project Appleseed | Say Uncle (his daughter in the poster) | Henry Mini Bolt

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The carbine is a Teppo Jutsu .338Spectre designed for suppressed use with a standard 9mm can. Patches are from Milspec Monkey.

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I need more spare time

I’ve had this rifle for almost three months now. I have yet to shoot it myself… Anderson Mfg. sniper rifle (20″ barrel, .223Rem) with 3.5-15x Nightforce scope and YHM BUIS.

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Another way to set up Keltec RFB

1-4x illuminated scope gives the option of shooting with both eyes open at 1x and more deliberate, precise fire at 2-2.5x. I prefer to use 4x only when firing from supported positions. Given the scarce rail space left on the … Continue reading

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