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Knowledge As a Defensive Fortification

As you probably read in my posts, I consider weapons useful in improving personal safety. But training and carrying weapons doesn’t guarantee safety — a handgun isn’t armor. Due to the expense and the inconvenience, few of us wear body … Continue reading

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Quoted on Voice of Russia

Recently, I responded to questions from a journalist writing for an English-language publication there. The article, Gun Controlling Your Children: a Family Affair just came out. Technically, it has several phrasing and factual errors but the overall tone and the … Continue reading

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Afraid of gun accidents? Train your kids!

Project Appleseed | Say Uncle (his daughter in the poster) | Henry Mini Bolt

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Left-hand kids’ rifle

Learning to shoot is tough enough. Learning with a rifle meant for the wrong hand is harder. Fortunately, falling block, lever and certain bolt actions are leftie-friendly. This one even ejects to the left. Crickett

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Abolish tax on hearing protection!

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