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Old enough to fight for you…not old enough to protect herself?

Emancipated enough to volunteer for the military and be accepted. Not emancipated enough for the Florida legislators!

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Tristar Viper G2 left-hand shotgun: new on AllOutdoor

Tristar Viper G2 left-hand shotgun.

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Tennessee Firearms Association apparel

You can now support TFA by buying shirts and hats with their logo and wearing them in public. While the shirts are unisex, they look pretty good on girls.

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Work, work, work…

…with neat people and cool guns. Last two day’s worth of sample images. Kangaroo Carry, Charter Arms, Keltec. And… Ashbury Precision Ordnance, Nightforce Optics, Blackhawk/Champion.  

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Left-handed Rock River AR15 in use

Works pretty well for the kind of lefties I like. Tech details.  

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You can always tell an AR15 shooter…

…by how high they place the heel of the stock. .223 Ruger M77 left-hand with 3-9x Trijicon Accupoint. I had a chance to shoot this combination yesterday at 150 yards with only a small branch for support: it worked great. … Continue reading

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Right rifle for left-hand shooters

RRA Operator-L with EOTech sight, X5L RS light/laser, Magpul 40rd magazine and AFG. The fashionable hat is from Henschel.

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Keeping a low profile.

In Tennessee, openly carried pistols and obvious long gun cases don’t get much attention. In other states, discretion is a good idea because of government agents and other thieves. Some people carry pistols in diaper bags on the assumption that … Continue reading

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Decorative Camouflage, Functional Rifle

For full functionality, the camo pattern would have had to be a little larger in scale and more subdued in color. But this gun is mostly for fun. On the practical side, RFB is short, handy and may be fired … Continue reading

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Don’t wait for a knight in shining armor.

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Left-hand kids’ rifle

Learning to shoot is tough enough. Learning with a rifle meant for the wrong hand is harder. Fortunately, falling block, lever and certain bolt actions are leftie-friendly. This one even ejects to the left. Crickett

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VERY accurate rifles

300gr @ 2900fps, 0.3MOA — and reasonable recoil thanks to an effective muzzle brake. More photos soon. Guns created by Michael Meador of EFI, LLC.

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