Left-handed Rock River AR15 in use

Works pretty well for the kind of lefties I like.

Tech details.


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8 Responses to Left-handed Rock River AR15 in use

  1. LarryArnold says:

    Dagger or bayonet? Regardless, I usually wear mine on the strong side.

    She can watch my back any time.

  2. Siege says:

    Looks like an SAS-type dagger. I see no facility for attaching a bayonet to the rifle, so that seems rather unlikely. While the front sight-post does appear to have a tiny little mini-rail underneath it, it is still way too far behind the end of the barrel for a bayonet to clear said barrel, and thus not of any use.

  3. Mike Miller says:

    Is the lady sporting a Sykes-Fairnbain at the waist?

  4. JoeS says:

    The boots, pants and knife kind of rechanneled a WWII Jedburgh… Was that by design or wishful thought. Still excellent format and composition.

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