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From empty hand to full in a second

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One of my photos showed up as a street drawing somewhere in Pennsylvania (?)

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Price comparisons

Just an idle thought: from 1900 to 1933, US dollar was worth roughly a pennyweight (1/20 troy ounce or 1.556 gram) of gold. As of today, gold trades for just under $43/gram. A dollar today buys about 67 times less … Continue reading

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Uzi loaded with tracers

A little more forward lean would have been nice, but it worked out well enough.

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Just a portrait of a Dusseldorf man

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A small but neat human.

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The inexplicable ban on purely defensive guns

These guns can be used as offensive weapons, but even a medium-sized knife is likely to be more effective for killing somebody. A person threatened with one can likely escape being hit by running away. Despite the minimal power and … Continue reading

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Mauser derivative

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People in love

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Good recoil control with M&P Shield

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Range lizard

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New on AllOutdoor: GSG AK47-22

Rimfire AK trainer rifle.

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One gun, two cylinders.

If .45Colt is unavailable, a mild 200gr plated plinking load in 45ACP is an option. Or any other round in either caliber. The trick is adjustable sights for adjusting point of aim to point of impact, similar enough ballistics to … Continue reading

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Eight-point rat on the hoof

Spotted yesterday in Kentucky.

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Great leather for a non-mainstream carry gun

Recently, two of my good friends married each other. Since I was responsible for the introduction, I took photos of the ceremony. I also wanted to come up with memorable wedding presents that would still be in use years later. … Continue reading

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Would the mystery gift-giver please drop me a line.

I just got a copy of The Black Riders by parcel from somewhere in Europe. Who sent it?

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Taking the fun out of flying?

The airports have largely rebounded from the low point of 2001-2005. TSA creatures are less deliberately odious, and the quality of the cabin service is slowly creeping up again. That said, look at any 1960s or early 70s movie that … Continue reading

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“Walls, Wire, Bars and Souls” by Peter Grant

“Walls, Wire, Bars and Souls” is now available at, in both a Kindle edition and a print (paperback) edition. I read the early version of this book about three years ago and was extremely impressed. In fact, I read … Continue reading

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Uzi .22 rifle: new on AllOutdoor

Uzi .22 rifle overview.

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Please recommend a gelato maker

I am looking for a way to make high-quality Italian style gelato at home. Would one of the roughly $300 machines sold on Amazon work for the purpose?

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