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One gun, two cylinders.

Ted Nugent branded .45Colt — 260gr at 800fps. Nice short-range hunting round. The revolver is a Ruger Blackhawk with pewter grips If .45Colt is unavailable, a mild 200gr plated plinking load in 45ACP is an option. Or any other round … Continue reading

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Rossi Circuit Judge 45Colt/.410: new on AllOutdoor

What price versatility?

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Little Girl’s Big Revolver

Funky Ted Nugent ammunition is from Pierce.

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Actress Morrigan Sanders

Actress Morrigan Sanders is 14. She’s holding a Model 1916 S&W, British Contract in .455 Webley, Enfield arsenal marked, converted to .45 Long Colt after the War, refinished and with Pachmayr grips. To quote her father: “Morrigan tears out the … Continue reading

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