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Father and daughter

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Fundraiser for a friend

My neighbor Dustin is fighting a bitter custody battle against his ex-wife. He’s a good man, and a great father, trying to get his children out of an unsafe environment. The kids are everything to him. So I am helping … Continue reading

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Girls and Boys


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Good parenting is more than…

…just taking your two champion kids to World Steel Championship 2015 and shooting along with them, it’s also about horsey rides even if the kids are already teenagers. Talk about setting a high standard for their future mates!  

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Little Girl’s Big Revolver

Funky Ted Nugent ammunition is from Pierce.

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The man who taught me how to use a camera.

My father Ted Volk. Taking photos out of an art museum window in Prague. Picking on an LSD-based lifeform in Prague. (Photo by Tatyana Volk)

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So, you’d like to date my daughter…

This young lady can fend for herself just fine, but you have to admit that the first impression made by the dad also counts. I also recommend a sensible comment by my friend Dave.

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Your family needs you alive!

“The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other guy die for his.” ― George S. Patton Jr. “To die for one’s beliefs is indeed a noble touch To live for them is … Continue reading

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Fathers Day range trip

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A comfortable way to learn firearm operation

Bolt action rifle (Henry mini), CCI Quiet-22 ammunition, competent parental instruction.

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Teach your children.

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